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Proposal on actively maintaining the network order of flood control and disaster relief
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Recently, extreme rainfall occurred in Northeast China, North China, Huanghuai and other places, and residents were trapped and casualties occurred in many places. Rescue forces across the country quickly gathered, and rushed to the front line of defense and disaster relief, and fully invested in flood prevention and relief work。In the current special period when the whole country is united and working together in disaster relief, some netizens fabricate and spread false information about the disaster situation, provoke regional antagonism and discrimination, seriously disrupt the order of online public opinion, and interfere with the disaster relief work。In order to further purify the network environment, maintain network order, fully maintain the online theme of the whole country uniting as one, fully providing disaster relief and recovery, and fully guaranteeing the safety of people's lives and property and the overall stability of society, and effectively become the participants and helpers of flood prevention and relief, the following initiatives are issued:

First, consciously resist the online dissemination of illegal and harmful information

1. Resolutely resist illegal and harmful information。Do not create, listen to, or disseminate illegal, harmful, negative and bad information related to disaster relief, do not spread false information, do not fan the flames, and do not freely spread unsourced and unsubstantiated reports, disclosure of privacy, personal attacks, bad speech and other content。

2. Strictly control the information release account。Strengthen the manual audit and qualification authentication of account information,Strictly prevent counterfeiting of Party, government and military organs, news media, local governments and user accounts,Strictly control "we media" accounts that do not meet the requirements of qualification certification and are engaged in the production of information content in specialized fields,It is strictly prohibited to manipulate the "we media" account matrix to publish and disseminate illegal and negative information related to disaster relief

3. Strictly control the content of information release。Users post news information,Information sources should be marked in accordance with relevant regulations,Self-shot information,Mark the time and place of shooting one by one;Use technology to generate information,To be labeled as technology generation;Quoting old news,Explain the time and place of the incident;Post information containing fictitious deductive content,To add a fictional deduction label;Platform for doubt or rumor information,The controversy rumor TAB will be marked,And according to the regulations to limit the current, refute rumors, ban and other disposal measures。

Second, adhere to "zero tolerance" for illegal and harmful information

4. Enhance the awareness of network civilization。Establish a correct online ethics, take the initiative to resist and report all kinds of online crimes and vulgar bad behavior, resolutely fight against online illegal and criminal activities, and spare no effort to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the state, society, collective and individual。

5. Strengthen the positive guidance of public opinion。Through the platform convention, user agreement to improve the number of fans and profit rights management measures,Against illegal accounts,Disciplinary measures such as closing or restricting, banning new fans and emptying all fans will be taken according to the circumstances;Malicious marketing of user accounts for multi-account linkage on hot topics of flood control and disaster relief and sensitive events,The right to profit will be revoked or prohibited。

6. Actively build a healthy online public opinion ecology。For the "we-media" accounts, the MCN institutions will be clearly marked, and for the MCN institutions that use the signed accounts for linkage speculation and have repeatedly violated the rules, measures will be taken to restrict the profit-making rights, restrict the provision of services, settle and return。

Third, actively unleash the positive energy of the network platform

7. Establish and improve supervision and reporting。Encourage users to participate in the management of information content on the platform, collect and report illegal and harmful information, find and disclose rumors and false information, actively provide relevant clues to the regulatory authorities, and cooperate with the investigation and processing, so as to eliminate negative effects to the maximum extent。

8. Actively help for help。Actively collect online help clues, timely report to the relevant competent authorities, and under the overall command of the local Party committee and government, cooperate with the relevant departments to carry out disaster relief and rescue work。

9. Resolutely expose criminal cases。Vigorously strengthen the disposal of illegal users and account exposure, set up warning education columns, regularly publish typical cases of illegal users, remind and warn users to strictly abide by national laws and regulations, strictly implement platform conventions and service agreements, and strengthen self-discipline and autonomy。

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