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Hubei Tourism shares, Hubei Cultural tourism Daqingjiang Company vehicle maintenance supplier selection competitive consultation flow bid announcement
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I. Basic information of the project
Project name: Competitive negotiation on the second selection of vehicle maintainers between Hubei Tourism Corporation and Hubei Cultural Tourism Daqingjiang Company
Ii. Project bid rejection/ Cause of the lost object
As of the deadline for bid qualification confirmation, the number of bidders for this project is less than three, which do not meet the conditions for bid opening. According to the provisions of relevant national laws and regulations, the project will be processed as bid rejection。
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Purchaser's information
 Said: Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment tourism development Co., LTD
 Address: Yueting, Longfeng Eco-City, Jinzi Road, Jingui Avenue, Enshi City (ELU Shares)
Contact person:Ms. Cao
Contact number: 15586618123


Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD

                  September 12, 2023